Do Democrats value democracy and freedom?

The Biden administration and Democrat leadership claim American democracy is endangered by MAGA Republicans, the villains of the leftist narrative.

Does the Biden administration and Democrat leadership love freedom, and are Republicans the real danger to democracy?

I don’t think so.  The Democrat party is the real danger.

Totalitarians of the past, including Joseph Goebbels and Vladimir Lenin, used projection as a propaganda technique to divert attention and suspicion from themselves to their opponent, by accusing them of the intentions that they themselves harbor.

Additionally, they position themselves as the champions of democracy, the advocates of the people, and liberators.   

Study some of the names of Marxist-Leninist governments and organizations, like People’s Republic of China or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).   

These names reflect claims to represent democracy, the people and the promise of liberation. 

A relatively small group of elitists foments societal chaos, dissatisfaction and distrust of the current government.  Crises are manufactured to engender fear and a sense of victimhood. 

This results in a violent revolution and overthrow of the government.  The elitists form a new government promising deliverance but delivering totalitarianism.  

Those who resist are sent to reeducation camps, work camps or the grave.  The rest learn to keep silent under this tyranny of the minority.

Democrat leadership is displaying their hand in this regard now.

Hillary Clinton is known for her consuming hatred of conservatives, calling them “deplorables”.  Recently, she said conservatives need to undergo formal deprogramming.

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The Biden administration continues to conspire to deprive us of our civil liberties under the Constitution and accompanying Bill of Rights. 

I’d like to address a few critics.

Several of my critics are current or former teachers and/or active with their local Democrat parties.  It is not surprising such individuals dislike my criticism of the Biden administration, Democrat party leadership and public schools.  

I am not usually distracted by spastic chihuahuas nipping at my heels. 

Although voters in surrounding counties are predominantly conservative, I suspect the presence of a university and wealthy lake residents expatriated from Chicago exert a woke influence.  Residents of the coasts (East and West), cities, and college towns are susceptible to this ideology. 

Concerning one of my vocal critics, she needs to address my arguments.  Her online ad-hominem attack about a perceived lack of education is not a rebuttal.  

Regarding her suggestion to get out and touch the grass, this sounds like language from a Timothy Leary psychedelic experience. Her county borders cannabis-selling Michigan, after all.

A few conservative public-school teachers are offended by my criticisms of public education. 

I do not believe most public-school teachers are aligned with the wokeness and gender ideology indoctrination programs.  I estimate the percentage of woke teachers, largely teacher union members, at 30% or less.  The remainder are effectively silenced by the tyranny of the minority. 

How do I know this?  I have trusted friends who are current or former teachers. 

Finally, I would like to comment upon an article on September 23 by the editor-in-chief of the local newpaper, titled “Show Some Respect, People”.  In this article, the editor suggests conservatives at school board meetings represent a threat of violence. 

I met three of these individuals for breakfast recently.  After meeting them in person, I consider this insinuation ridiculous. 

His article reminds me of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) letter to Joe Biden labeling parents as potential domestic terrorists.  This letter resulted in persecution by federal agencies until their actions were exposed to Republican legislators. 

His article sounds like an attempt at intimidation.  Violating Robert’s Rules of Order, however rude, is not a predictor of domestic terrorism.

Comments? Email me at [email protected] or leave a reply below. Respectful comments and questions without expletives will be posted and I will respond to them.

Robert Sparkman


MAGA ‘Cult Needs FORMAL DEPROGRAMMING’, Hillary Clinton Suggests – The Hill
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Note: This is a modified version of a letter to the editor that I submitted to my local newspaper. Some or all of the content is applicable to a general audience. Here’s the original article. The article was written underthe constraints of 600 words, which is generous for a letter to the editor, but insufficient to address every nuance or facet of complex topics.

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