Do Christians want a theocracy?

At a recent local school board meeting, a community member claimed that grooming of children is not occurring within public education.  Instead, he maintains grooming is happening in religion.

It is an undeniable fact that the Biden administration, Democrat leadership and woke allies are promoting indoctrination of children into gender ideology nationwide despite strong parental opposition.  These allies include administrators, teachers, teacher unions, state and federal departments of education and other activists.

Public schools facilitate gender transition of students, often without parental knowledge and consent.

Additionally, public schools across the nation have implemented comprehensive sexual education with a particular emphasis upon the LGBT community and explicit details of their sexual practices.

Thus, grooming is an apt label to describe the activities of public schools engaged in this indoctrination.

In contrast, parents choose to instruct their children into the tenets of their faith.  Parental or pastoral instruction of their children is not grooming. 

He targeted Christian community members in attendance, indicating that they want a theocracy. 

Subsequent remarks were reminiscent of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the vile American Atheist founder who played a significant role in the secularization of public education.

Christian nationalism is the new boogieman of the left.

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I suspect he believes the myth of neutrality in the public forum and thinks Christians should not express their worldview at school board meetings. 

The reality is that there is no worldview neutrality.  Biblical Christians are not neutral.   Neither are Cultural Marxists and atheists.

He is not neutral either.

A well-informed biblical Christian has a robust worldview providing coherent answers to life’s major questions. 

What is man and his purpose?  How should the child be educated for this purpose?

The unbeliever has no coherent answers to these essential questions.

Regarding the Christian desire for a theocracy, there are differing views about Christ’s reign amongst those who have studied Christian doctrine. 

A minority believe governments will be substantially subjugated to Christ’s control prior to his return.  A majority believe governments will be influenced by Christianity to a much lesser degree but will ultimately experience a cataclysmic failure prior to Christ’s bodily return. 

Both groups have something in common.  They welcome a theocracy where Christ reigns and God’s moral law is the standard of behavior.  God’s law is not viewed as oppressive by Christians, but rather, as a key component of a harmonious, well-ordered society. 

I don’t think many Christians believe a theocracy will materialize in the current cultural environment.   A revival with spiritual rebirth of a substantial segment of society would need to occur.  Men with stony hearts need hearts of flesh to love God’s laws.

Regarding public schools, there is wide consensus amongst those in my circle that the public school system is beyond repair.

Some opt to homeschool their children.  Homeschool cooperatives are aiding parents with this challenge. 

I understand many within other faith communities like the Amish and Muslims see the handwriting on the wall and are making their own preparations. 

I would like to express my admiration and appreciation to the fifty-plus percent of area public school teachers who reject union membership.  Thanks for not contributing your hard-earned dollars to teacher unions that fund Democrat campaigns and other leftist organizations. 

For a good exposé of gender ideology, I recommend Dr. Miriam Grossman’s book Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness.  She aptly compares so-called gender affirmation procedures to the horrors of lobotomies perpetrated upon the mentally ill of previous generations. 

Several video interviews with Dr. Grossman covering the contents of this book are available on Youtube.

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Robert Sparkman


interview with Dr. Grossman by Zuby
Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness – Miriam Grossman, MD

Note: This is a modified version of a letter to the editor that I submitted to the local newspaper. Some or all of the content is applicable to a general audience. Here is the original article. The article was written underthe constraints of 600 words, which is generous for a letter to the editor, but insufficient to address every nuance or facet of complex topics.

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