My response to Walt Sorg on LGBTQ+ matters

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Comments? Email me at [email protected] or leave a reply below. Unlike the leftist mainstream media, which includes most news outlets, I am interested in truth. This blog post reflects my well-considered convictions on the related issues, and provides support for the basis of my conclusions. I acknowledge the possibility that my understanding or explanations may need refinement on some minor respect and welcome legitimate criticism. Respectful comments and questions without expletives and personal attacks will be posted and I will respond to them.

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The Daily Signal – Vermont Targets Christian Foster Parents

The Related Content section contains resources I think are valuable for the readers’ consideration. I may not agree with everything a given content creator believes, though. For example, some resources may reflect a secularist worldview that I don’t agree with. I highly respect Thomas Sowell on a number of subjects, but he is an atheist. I may not agree with fellow Christians on every minor point, either. Inclusion of these materials should not be construed as unqualified approval and agreement on every single point.

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