Unmasking the agenda of LGBT activism

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Comments? Email me at [email protected] or leave a reply below. Unlike the leftist mainstream media, which includes most news outlets, I am interested in truth. This blog post reflects my well-considered opinion on the related issues, and provides background for the basis of my conclusions. I acknowledge the possibility that my understanding or explanations may need refinement on some minor respect and welcome legitimate criticism. Respectful comments and questions without expletives and personal attacks will be posted and I will respond to them.

1 Use of the words “transition” or “detransition” in this blog post should not be misconstrued as indicating that I believe anyone is transitioned or detransitioned from one sex to another. I am simply using their language to avoid the confusing use of continual quotation marks and qualifiers in the text for stylistic purposes. Individuals who undergo “gender affirmation” procedures remain either male or female. Every cell in their bodies reflect this reality. Males carry XY chromosomes and females carry XX chromosomes for the entirety of their lives.


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Is Gay The New Black? |Voddie Baucham – Grace Family Baptist Church
The Biblically Informed Case Against Homosexuality: Voddie Baucham – Grace Family Baptist Church

This is a publication by Concerned Women for America called Unmasking the “Gay” Agenda: The Truth About the Movement Destroying America From Within. This source was very helpful to the composition of my post.


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