Predictions for a Democrat controlled America

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  • Democrat politicians will continue to stir up division and violence between ethnicities for political advantage.
  • Democrat politicians will continue to call for unlimited abortion rights nationwide under the banner of so-called reproductive justice, which has no regard for the preborn child.
  • The border will remain open.  Increased crime rates, lower American wages, terrorist threats, and erosion of societal safety nets are some consequences of uncontrolled immigration. Auto accidents involving uninsured and unlicensed immigrants will continue (my advice is to increase your uninsured motorist coverage).
  • Non-citizen immigrant populations will skew political representation in the House of Representatives to Democrat states upon the 2030 census, ensuring perpetual political dominance for Democrats. Representation is based on census counts of total residents regardless whether residents are citizens or non-citizens.
  • Federal agencies will continue to collude with news and social media to enforce the Democrat party narrative and to silence anyone who challenges it. 
  • Christians will continue to be persecuted by federal agencies for activism against abortion, public indecency related to LGBTQ+ materials in schools and public libraries, so-called family-friendly drag shows, and indoctrination of children within the public school system.  Recent persecutions include the prosecution of the Mark Houck family and the conviction of six peaceful protesters for violations of the FACE act at an abortion clinic in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. 
  • The legal system will continue to dispense disparate treatment favoring leftist activists over conservative activists. Christians are aggressively prosecuted for peaceful protesting while leftist rioters received a virtual free pass for their rampant destruction of property and life.
  • Christians will be prohibited from foster care and adoption due to conscientious objections to gender ideology.
  • Christians will continue to have children removed from their homes in violation of parental rights due to their conscientious failure to support gender transition of their children.
  • Consumer prices will continue to rise due to excessive federal regulations and restricted oil production.
  • Constriction of US oil production due to the demands of radical environmentalists will continue to benefit Iran and other Muslim nations who will use the additional revenue to promote further activism and terrorism in Israel, Europe and the United States.
  • Crime will continue to increase, particularly in Democrat-run cities, due to anti-police rhetoric of Democrat politicians and woke mayors, governors, prosecutors, and judges more interested in protecting criminals than victims.
  • Christian medical professionals will be pressured to be involved in abortions and gender related treatments. Widespread availability of the abortifacient mifepristone by mail will result in emergency room visits related to its side effects. Christian emergency room personnel will be pressured to deal with complications from pill abortions. This may require Christian emergency room personnel to complete the process the abortifacients begun.
  • Public schools at all levels will continue to indoctrinate students into wokeness and gender ideology and to provide obscene and racially divisivevisive materials in school libraries, producing a generation of academically deficient, confused young people prepared for woke activism and not productive careers. 
  • Universities will continue to be indoctrination camps of leftist activists that are hostile to conservatives due to the indoctrination of their Neo-Marxist administrators and professors.
  • Parental rights to guide their children in moral matters will continue to be usurped by the State in order to perpetuate the belief that children should be allowed to decide their gender and to be “transitioned”.
  • Hysterical, radical environmentalists flailing their arms like Chicken Little will continue to disrupt society through their protests blocking public thoroughfares and vandalizing others’ property, and by insisting upon impractical, ineffective environmental initiatives that erode national wealth and cannot provide our energy needs.  Human flourishing is, in fact, enhanced by fossil fuels, contrary to the claims of radical environmentalists.
  • Valuable US farmland will continue to be diverted from productive use to wind and solar farms, and critical infrastructure will be neglected.
  • Property ownership rights will continue to be eroded. This erosion of property rights is seen in the disregard for property owners on the border whose property is destroyed and houses are invaded by migrants, the failure to prosecute retail thieves in large cities, and the squatters occupying private homes in progressive cities.
  • Crucial rights like speech and gun ownership will be eroded under the guise of public safety.
  • Anti-Semitic protests and violence against American Jews led by brainwashed Neo-Marxist students and radical Muslims on college campuses will continue and intensify.   


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